About us


InfoSoft Office was created in 1996. As part of InfoSoft Group, it specializes in serving office needs with stationery materials, paper products, and print consumables for all market segments. Leading the market with our 20 year old experience, based on dedication and professionalism, we strive to make your work easier and comfortable by: elegantly organizing your work station, aiding in document filing, and optimizing printing costs. We bring measurable benefits for all clients, starting for students and moving on to businesses of all sizes, banks, telecommunication companies, public institutions, non-profit organizations, diplomatic bodies, etc. Starting form 2011, InfoSoft Office shpk is present in Prishtina with its newest branch; experiencing continuous growth through experience, hard work, and know-how.

InfoSoft Office trades a wide range of products in an ongoing attempt to provide customers with best price to quality ratio products specific to their needs. Our selection offers products coming from the best brands worldwide to ones from humbler origins. Our products vary from: PC Accessories, Filing Materials, Writing Instruments, Work Station Organizers, Print and Copy Consumables of all brands, Paper Products of all formats and types, etc. InfoSoft Office shpk also offers Managed Printing Services (MPS); a service that improves printing efficiency by eliminating maintenance costs, saving time and money. We also offer An Online Sales service, were orders can, not only be placed through a phone call or email, but now also through one click. Through our efficient company structure, we are able to provide quality customer care to all our customers regardless of their size. Starting from retail customers moving on to the B2B (business-to-business) ones, we endeavor to be serious and open to communication. Public Institutions, Banks, and Telecommunication Companies are extremely important clients which take our undivided attention and care. Our mottos “Your Office, Our Profesion” and “Better Together” are reflected in all our effort to fulfill your needs.


Our mission is to help our customers perform their best work easily and comfortably. We strive to offer a large verity of products, always increasing in size, innovating, and improving in quality. We find this to be the best manner in transforming work into satisfaction. In addition, part of our mission is acting professionally towards our relations with our partners (suppliers), our employees, and above all, our clients. As a result, our vision focuses on fueling company growth through: increasing product variety, developing new printing services, improving training and motivation techniques for employees, and expanding geographically in the region



Maximum dedication in the professional and ethical service of customer needs.


Responsible and professional relations with all suppliers and clients.


Work ethic dictated by co-operation and opportunities for all employees.