about us

InfoSoft Office Prishtina was founded in 2011 as a way to offer our services in the Kosovo market. The company employs about 15 qualified individuals whom offer a large selection of products and services resembling those of InfoSoft Office Tirana. InfoSoft Office Prishtina trades stationery, printing consumables, and paper products mainly for office and printing-press use, as well as back-to-school supplies. InfoSoft Office Prishtina holds a considerable market share of the Kosovo market as a result of the 20 year old experience in the industry of its founders.

InfoSoft Office Prishtina is the end product of the lessons leaned from a long period of experiences in the field of office supplies at InfoSoft Office Tirana. This relatively young company maintains the optimal standards in operating procedures, product selection, distribution methods, and managerial techniques that have brought success to InfoSoft Office Tirana, always being adapted for the Kosovo market. As a result, these factors have driven the quick growth of the company. During these few years in Kosovo, InfoSoft Office has been able to successfully penetrate the market by offering customers quality products, affordable prices, and services that never leave one desiring for more. Though we have experienced a successful period, InfoSoft Office Prishtina keeps striving to expand its presence in this industry.


Str. Tahir Zajmi, Kompleksi KosovaTEX, Prishtinë, KOSOVO