Managed Printing

why MPS

Managed Printing Service is a contemporary and efficient service we offer our clients in order to optimize their printing costs while at the same time “saving” them from the stress of hardware maintenance. By installing printers that suffice printing capacity, supplying consumables and paper, and providing dedicated maintenance we demonstrate the manner in which this service saves money and eliminates stress for our customers. MPS does not only improve the printing process, but also reduces printing quantity through a software that provides printing analytics and adds accountability.


  • Our specialists study the needs of every client based on a variety of variables that include employee number, geographical locations, and other specific circumstances.
  • We carry out a 2-4 week long study of printing patterns with the existing printing system in order to create a complete understanding of the client’s needs.
  • We engage in a dialogue with the customer so that an optimal solution can be achieved.
  • We provide our clients with a variety of solutions and our best recommendations aimed at improving and economizing printing.
  • We implement the chosen MPS solution.
  • We continuously maintain every aspect of the printing process so that our clients experience a satisfying service.


Str. Murat Toptani, Gjergji Center, Tiranë


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